the Great Plains Cabin Fever Tour


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Opening for Darrel and Saskia will be Larry and Jane Stephenson

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Presented by/at: The Carlin Hall.   
A Cabin Fever
 Concert with 
Saskia and Darrel; The Great Plains

With special guests Jane and Larry Stephenson.

Thursday, February 11 at 7:00 PM
Advance Tickets $15/Person. Available at Acorn  Music in Salmon Arm or call
Larry Stephenson at 250 675 5426. Tickets also available at the door.


CABIN FEVER  is defined as a claustrophobic reaction to being shut in for extended periods of time. The perfect medicine for this ailment is heaping doses of fun and laughter, balanced with a few teary moments of nostalgia and some hearty sing-alongs.  Such remedies are best found at a Great Plains concert, where Saskia & Darrel will entertain you with an evening of music, stories, humor, and friendship, guaranteed you’ll go home with a lighter step and a full heart. No prescription necessary.

Great Plains are a veteran touring act; with an easy, crowd-friendly style that instantly endears them to any audience. This is true Canadiana; real songs, drenched in our culture and heritage delivered in comfortable highly skilled sets with oodles of self-poking humor. A taste of Celtic, a dab of Bluegrass, a touch of Folk, all wrapped around extremely beautiful melodies.

They perform throughout all of Canada and Western Europe and have cultivated an immense following…… winning over their fans one town, one hall at a time.

 Youtube. Everybody loves a Train. 


Special guests:  Larry & Jane Stephenson