COVID19 protocols now allow public gatherings under the following protocols:

 *   everyone must be double vaccinated

 *   audience limited to 50 or 50% of hall capacity (Carlin is set at 60)

 *   seating allows for social distancing

 *   beverages and snacks will be available at tables

 *   masks to be worn when entering, leaving and moving about to



Musicians will be invited to fill three opening performance sets of 15 minutes each and a feature act of a 40-45 minute set.  The feature act will receive 50% of the 50/50 sales as an honorarium for their time and talents.  Musicians are asked to provide their own vocal mics.  Any cables/stands used will be cleansed/disinfected between sets. 


Specifics will be discussed and finalized with all musicians at time of booking.

Please check our COVID-19 protocols for all of the safety measures being followed at our facility.    

Information for Musicians